Vision :-

  • NEDC will be the leading organization in the region Socio Economic development of the people of the region.
  • The Capacity Building of the people is to done by giving them timely guidance and Skill Development Trainings.
  • The awareness level of the people of the North East should be increased in terms of the different Government schemes being implemented in the region.
  • The institutions under NEDC will help the people to build networks with the other parts of the country and foreign countries to increase their business and give them.
  • The unemployment problem of the North East will be reduced as the people will be more confident after Capacity Building through Skill Development Trainings. Even self employment will also be created.
  • New technologies will be introduced to the people of the region which will ensure more production as well as productivity.
  • The backward and forward linkages will be established for enhancing production and marketing network of the products.
  • The Development Institutions and the Financial Institutions will be brought together for Socio Economic upliftment of the people of the North East.