NEDC Offers

Marketing Linkages:-

Growth of rural economy hinges on a well organized marketing systems. The state of Assam needs a system to provide guidance, consultancy and to coordinate marketing of rural products. The NEDC started a consultancy & coordinating cell for marketing of rural products in very small and informal way in the year 2008. The organization adopted a product specific marketing strategy. It has developed marketing strategies for the products produced by the SHGs under different projects being implemented by different departments & organization. The NEDC has been organizing product specific marketing awareness camps. NEDC organized Buyer –Seller- Meet for Development Commissioner (Handlooms) at Guwahati in 2008 where handloom producers from all over India participated to exhibit & sell their products. NEDC also managed “Krishak Mela” organized by Dept. of Agriculture, Govt. of Assam at the National Game Stadium, Borsorjai, Guwahati in 2009 where the farmers were participants & have been gather experience & information regarding demand, choice & taste of various customers. They have gathered sufficient knowledge & information as to how they have upgrade the quality of their products to measure upto the choice & taste of those customers. NEDC has been assisting in many Agri Horticultural shows, Handloom Exhibitions, International fares. Moreover NEDC is also sending their MSMEs to exhibitions organized by different organizations.