• To improve the level of working efficiency of the people of North East by developing their skills.
  • Introduce new avenues for Employment Generation.
  • Effective utilization of the raw materials which are available in abundance throughout the North Eastern Region of India.
  • To promote the culture and products of the North East India in India and foreign countries.
  • To build a network among the people of the different states of the North East to work for the Socio Economic Development of the region.
  • To take the different schemes implemented by the State Government and the Central Government related with the development of the people of the region to the grass root level and make people aware of those scheme and ensure that they are able to take benefits of those schemes.
  • To work in association with the Institution or Organizations which are engaged with the development of the people of the North Eastern region.
  • To build a team of experts and dedicated workers who will ensure that overall development of the region as well as its people take place and in specific time period.