NEDC Offers

Awareness Generation Programme:-

Awareness generation is the foundation on which the superstructure of development is stands. The NEDC has been regularly organizing awareness camps to raise the awareness level of rural masses. These camps cover various subjects in the board field of rural development. People in the rural areas remain ignorant about various scope and opportunities available for their economic development. The awareness camp has given special emphasis on organizing village level camps on sensitization rural people particularly unemployed youth, women, and farmers to various self employment avenues available to them. The camp covered various aspects as to how traditional income generating activities can be taken up on commercial basis through application of scientific methods and appropriate technologies.

NEDC also conducted general awareness programme on various social issues including health, environment, sanitation, consumer awareness etc. with different organization i.e. Bureau of Indian Standards, SIRD -Assam, National Institute of Design, Ahmadabad etc.