The practice of managing economic activities through groups is comparatively new in North Eastern Region. Few years back, the number of groups running economic activities was almost negligible in the rural areas of the region.

Research & Field Studies

The organization made special effort for collecting information relating to the efforts made by rural people and strategies adopted for their economic development. Field studies have been done in the areas where rural people have

Project Implementation

NEDC also offered in project implementation. In 2013-14 NEDC is being implementing the design project in Kahikuchi (Wood & Bamboo Cluster) & Palashbari (Silk Reeling & Spinning Cluster) with National Institute of Design,

Awareness Generation Programme

Awareness generation is the foundation on which the superstructure of development is stands. The NEDC has been regularly organizing awareness camps to raise the awareness level of rural masses. These camps cover various

Marketing Linkages

Growth of rural economy hinges on a well organized marketing systems. The state of Assam needs a system to provide guidance, consultancy and to coordinate marketing of rural products. The NEDC started a consultancy & coordinating cell for marketing of rural products in very small


Due to lack of proper guidance the people of North East India sometimes unable to achieve their goal. Since they have the quality to acquire their goal therefore if we provide some consultancy services then they can definitely do something for their reason. Taking into consideration the


For placement, NEDC have been trying its level best so that the trainees on successfully completing the trainings/ workshops may be engaged in an established organization or start their own enterprise. In this regards NEDC has tied up with the different organizations.